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Client Testimonials Below

Client Testimonials

Ellis - Gym owner, Trainer, Sports Referee

Laura introduced me to Healing Touch after noticing that I was limping and having knee issues. I explained that I refereed multiple games per week and wasn’t ready to see a doctor. The first time Laura performed her miracle work on my knee, I was amazed at how I felt for the next couple weeks….I was nearly pain free! Not only did I experience physical benefits but I felt so relaxed and clear headed after treatment. I booked several more sessions with Laura, to help me get through the reffing season and have recommended a few people to her for treatment. I highly recommend Laura - she’s a kind, compassionate and capable healer.

Maria - Salon Owner, Mom

Laura’s knowledge and healing abilities are endless. Her deep gifts channel through all of my emotional scars in the gentlest but extremely effective ways that continue to bring me only forward to a healthy, light, loving journey that I truly own. Her work has given me an awareness of the present moments I was never able to enjoy or trust before, without going back into past patterns of trauma triggers. She is like no other!!! I have spent decades on my search for emotional long term wellness, until I met Laura! She has given me the insight and tools to connect all my dots, her work continues to guide, heal and inspire me.

Michelle - CNS, Certified Nutrition Specialist

I have found through my years of helping people with their nutrition that sometimes perfect labs and the perfect diet do not always equate to full healing. Those of us that hold trauma and emotional scars in our body, may eat perfectly but still have symptoms of ill-health. Laura’s Healing Touch is a beautiful alternative therapy that helped me to release stress, tension and built-up anxiety from my past. After a session my body does truly feel like its “energy field” is more balanced, certain aches and pains and tension disappear. I think this type of healing is the missing piece for many people who have tried all the basics like diet, supplements and medications. Thank you Laura for helping me to get rid of life-long hip and upper back pain!

Debbie - Consultant

Laura is a kind, caring, and compassionate healer who always tries to find the best method and treatment for her clients. Laura first offered to help me with healing touch following a reconstruction surgery on my left foot. I had been having a lot of pain and a long road of recovery in front of me. Laura immediately identified areas of issue and several blocked chakras and worked to open all the energy in my body so that I could heal more quickly and completely. We both had an amazing experience when she was clearing energy from the left foot of my hard cast when an energy funnel was shooting out of the top of my cast. We could both feel all the energy escaping, ridding my foot of much of the pain and helping with healing. Each time I have had a treatment with Laura I come away feeling better, clearer, and more aligned. She works to become in sync with her clients and then helping them to bring their energy in line.

What to Expect During a Session

The initial session entails us discussing your history, reason for visit and any questions you may have about this mode of treatment. I will listen to you and you will tell me your story about yourself. Next, you will get on a massage table, fully clothed, and your body will tell me its story about you! My job is to read your body’s energy and provide you with relief from your pain and symptoms. During treatment, many people fall asleep or drift into someplace in between that is relaxing and pleasing. Once the Healing Touch Treatment is over, you will get off the table and we will discuss your experience and the energetic outcomes of the treatment. I will provide instruction and resources for self care and will also provide referrals to other caregivers, if needed. The frequency and number of sessions will vary with your own individual needs. Your participation in self care, and honoring your light within is a critical and integral part of your healing. After all, you will be learning how to heal yourself.

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